COVID-19 Update

The Southwark Foodbank is facing a completely new challenge with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We are keeping our services running, providing emergency food parcels to those facing food insecurity. As of the 6 April 2020, we are doing home deliveries ONLY.

We ask that everyone follow the guidance set out by the government and adhere to social distancing measures.

If you are an organistaion and need to refer someone to us, please email

How to Support the Southwark Foodbank during COVID-19 



PLEASE NOTE: We have had over 400 offers from local people to volunteer with us. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to accommodate everyone at this time. We have also unfortunately not been able to respond to each offer but please know how much we value every single person who has generously offered their support.  


We are so overwhelmed with the outpouring of community spirit and support over the past couple of months. 

We have volunteers help us with making deliveries, sorting and packing up food parcels, supporting with admin and answering phones in our office space to make sure people have the best information and support we can give them. 

If you would like to volunteer with us, please note we have a waiting list but feel free to email us on We will not be able to respond to every enquiry due to the high volume of enquiries and our limitations on numbers.

Donate food

We have received support from local charities, residents associations, community groups and individuals who have given both food and funds generously to support our change in service to delivery and the increase demand we are facing. 

If you would like to donate food, please see our urgent needs list below. You can also donate food via Bankuet, an online shop dedicated to supporting foodbanks with food deliveries straight to the foodbank. 

Donate Money

If you would like to do any kind of fundraising or need information on making a donation as a group or an individual, please email our fundraiser, 

Both food and funds will add so much value to the work we are doing and will enable us to deliver food to people in need.

How to get help from the Southwark Foodbank during the Coronavirus outbreak


Our delivery process

The Southwark Foodbank is making contact-free deliveries to people's homes instead of hosting face-to-face sessions.

This support is for people who are unable to afford to buy food.


If you can afford to buy food but cannot leave your home, we recommend you contact the Southwark Council Community Hub on 020 7525 5000 or contact your local Mutual Aid Group for support.


We work on a voucher referral system and you need a foodbank voucher to use the foodbank. We take the vouchers electronically directly from referrers. We then process the vouchers and contact clients directly by phone to arrange delivery. The process takes at least 48 hours from us receiving a voucher to making contact with the clients. This is due to the high volume of vouchers we are processing daily. We need to be able to contact people and we need to have an address to deliver to so you must have access to a phone and an address for us to be able to support you. 

If you need foodbank support, please follow the following guidance: 

1. Make contact with a referral agency to get your voucher filled in (see"How to Get a Voucher" below for details)

2. The referrer will then send the voucher directly to us.

3. We will make contact with you on the phone number you provide. Please keep your phone near you and charged

4. Remain at home on the day of your delivery. We cannot give  a specific time and delivery will happen any time between 10am and 6pm. 

5. The delivery driver will call you 5 minutes before they reach your home to let you know they are close. Please come out to the main door of your home/building as delivery drivers do not enter buildings. 

6. You will need a voucher every time you need support from us, we do not just deliver on a regular basis without a new voucher. Please contact your referrer for another voucher should you need it.

How to get a voucher

All people needing support from the foodbank need to have a voucher to use the foodbank. Vouchers can be obtained through voucher referral agencies and if you do not have contact with one already, please call the Southwark Council Community Hub Emergency helpline on 020 7525 5000 and select option 3 for food support.


If you or someone you know needs support in Spanish, please call the Latin American Disable People's Project, on 0207 7938 399, who are supporting us by making referrals to Spanish speaking families. 

Si vives en Southwark y necesitas el apoyo del banco de alimentos de Southwark, por favor llama: Al Proyecto de Personas con Discapacidades Latíno Americanas, su número es 0207 7938  399 O Al Centro Comunitario de Southwark, su número es 0207 525 5000

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, please make a note in your journal to your work coach who can make a referral for you. You can also receive a voucher from the Citizens Advice Bureau on this number 0808 208 2138.

How to refer someone to the Southwark Foodbank  

If you are a charity, community organisation, hospital, GP surgery etc and need to refer someone from your service, please email with details and we will get back to you with details about how to refer someone to us.

If you are an individual and know someone who needs foodbank support, then please direct them to either the Southwark Council Community Hub or Citizens Advice. We do not take self referrals and require an agency to submit a voucher to us.

- The Southwark Foodbank Team 

​The Foodbank is a store of non-perishable food donated by the local community. We partner with frontline professionals such as schools, GPs, social services and many more, who refer fellow Southwark residents to our service.

After the referral agency confirms their client’s need, they give them a voucher. This voucher is then exchanged for food by one of our volunteers at our Foodbank. The amount of food we give depends on the size of the family in need, and the type of voucher they have been given.

We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, welcoming place that offers free advice and signposting to other relevant support services. Working with the community, we help our service users tackle long-term issues, as well as the immediate crisis that led them to us.


To enquire about opportunities to volunteer with Southwark Foodbank, as an individual or business, please get in touch with us at



While our service orientates around food, people often forget that we need money to provide an effective, co-ordinated service.


There are venue, transport and operation costs that we need to pay.




If you’ve got a talent, skill or passion that could be put to sponsored events why not start a conversation with our fundraising team.


Email Carey at






By appointment ONLY


St George's Camberwell

Newent Close

SE15 6EF



By appointment ONLY


Bermondsey Methodist Church,

Bermondsey Street,

 SE1 3UJ



By appointment ONLY


Peckham Methodist Church,

2 Woods Rd,

SE15 2PX



By appointment ONLY


St George's Camberwell

Newwent Close

SE15 6EF




City Hope Church

111 Drummond Road

SE16 2JY


To make sure our service users get balanced meals we need a range of food donations. We usually have too much pasta and baked beans! We are also fine for feminine hygiene products.

If you'd like to generously donate food, click below to download this month's shopping list.

How to Donate


All food donations can be dropped off at



121A Peckham High Street SE15 5SE

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12pm.

If you can't make it to Pecan, we'd love to receive a supermarket delivery from you, just get in touch with our team to arrange this before you book a delivery slot. 

Alternatively cash donations are always accepted here. Just select Southwark Foodbank when filling out the form. 


  • Egg boxes

  • Shower gel

  • Toothpaste 

  • Bars of bath soap 

  • Jam 

  • Rice pudding 

  • Tins of fruit 

  • Chopped tomatoes 

  • Instant Coffee 

  • Tinned spaghetti 


Got a question? To save you time, see if your answer is listed below:

Can I donate leftovers, out-of-date or perishable food/cooked meals?

No, unfortunately not. We only offer clients safe food that lasts. While we wish we could reduce your waste food, we have no effective, sustainable model to do so.

Can you collect my food donation?

Collecting food costs us money, so we only do it if the donation is sizeable and worth our van. Please try and organise delivery of food donations yourself.  

Aren't you just facilitating a poverty cycle by giving people free food?

No. Our Foodbank is for emergency support. We only give someone a maximum of 3 food parcels, so they have food while their financial crisis is resolved. As part of our service we signpost people to other organisations that can help them do this.

Do you  limit your support based on faith and belief?

Absolutely not, our service is for everyone. We believe in equality and we respect each individuals right to their own beliefs. 

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{APRIL 2018 - MARCH 2019}

We supported 5092 people in the borough, 2042 of which were children.


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