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Southwark Foodbank

Southwark Foodbank provides emergency food to people in crisis. Our vision is a Southwark without the need for food banks and where everyone can afford the essentials.

Southwark Foodbank supports about 100 households each week with emergency food parcels which feed a household for at least 3 days. 100 households equates to at least 300 people and around 60% of these households are single people. We spend about £300 each week on fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure those who use our service can eat as nutritiously as possible. 

Unfortunately, reliance on food aid as a response to poverty has become increasingly accepted.

In a country as rich as ours, food banks becoming embedded within welfare provision is not right. We know that hunger in Southwark is not about a lack of food. It’s about a lack of income. We want to ensure that everyone has enough income to afford the essentials. Whilst Southwark Foodbank continues to provide emergency food to people in crisis, we know that emergency food is not the answer to poverty and no charity can replace the dignity of having financial security.  

We want to ensure that everyone has access to good quality financial support.

That’s why Southwark Foodbank partners with local agencies who are able to address the underlying issues that drive people to need to use the food bank. We have already seen the impact of having advisors from Thames Reach and Citizens Advice at our foodbank sessions and the financial gains they have secured for those that use our service.  

Organising together as a community in Southwark.

Our aim is to see a Southwark where everyone has enough money to afford the essentials and emergency food is no longer needed. But we can only achieve this by organising together as a community and campaigning to address structural local issues. Taking an organising approach means that our activities and campaigns are led by and developed with members of our community who have used our foodbank, pantry or have personal experience of financial hardship. Our community organising group “Voices for Southwark” meets regularly to discuss local issues and plan campaigns for a Southwark where everyone can afford the essentials.

How can you get involved?

To get involved with our community organising activities and join our local campaigns, contact our Community Engagement Officer Flora via email.

Pecan and Southwark Foodbank also support national campaigns, such as the Trussell Trust and Joseph Rowntree’s Guarantee Our Essentials campaign calling on the UK government to make sure that the basic rate of Universal Credit is at least enough to afford the essentials we all need, such as food, household bills and travel costs. Please join the campaign by signing up.

For any other foodbank queries, please email:


recent stats

Southwark Foodbank 2022/2023 End of Year Figures

Between April 2022 and March 2023 Southwark Foodbank supported:

People in Southwark

A total increase of 23% compared to the figures for 2021/2022.

While the figures are staggering, we want to acknowledge that we could not have met this need without the support of our incredible supporters, donors, and volunteers. Our community has really pulled together over the past year and even through the cost-of-living crisis, we are so encouraged by the human spirit and generosity our supporters have shown.

Thank you!

Give Help

Donate Food

We have received support from local charities, residents associations, community groups and individuals who have given both food and funds generously to support our change in service to delivery and the increase demand we are facing.

If you would like to donate food, please see our urgent needs list above.

If you want to make a delivery in person, please email our warehouse team. 

Our warehouse is open 09:30 – 13:00 Monday – Friday at the end of Mission Place, just off of 121A Peckham High Street, SE15 5SE

You can also donate food at your local supermarket. Please see our full list on details of local collection points

Donate Money

If you would like to do any kind of fundraising or need information on making a donation as a group or an individual, please email our fundraiser, Alternatively, donate using the buttons below. 

We also partner with Bankuet, an online shop dedicated to supporting foodbanks with food deliveries straight to the foodbank.You can donate to the Southwark Foodbank on Bankuet’s website.


Our volunteers are vital to the Southwark Foodbank day-to-day operations.

We have volunteers help us with sorting and packing up food parcels, supporting with admin and answering phones in our office space to make sure people have the best information and support we can give them.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please note we have a waiting list. Please follow this link to our current volunteering opportunities. 

Corporate Volunteering

We have a range of volunteering opportunities for groups would like to support the Southwark Foodbank. Please read more About Volunteering with the Southwark Foodbank

People who use our service have said...

I received my foodbank items this afternoon and would like to say a very big thank you. I was so touched by the kindness it feels to receive this in my time of need!







Got a question? To save you time, see if your answer is listed below:

No, unfortunately not. We only offer clients safe food that lasts. While we wish we could reduce your waste food, we have no effective, sustainable model to do so.

Collecting food costs us money, so we only do it if the donation is sizeable and worth our van. Please try and organise delivery of food donations yourself.  

No. Our Foodbank is for emergency support. We work with all our referrers towards a solution to that person’s crisis. As part of our service we signpost people to other organisations that can help them do this.


Absolutely not, our service is for everyone. We believe in equality and we respect each individuals right to their own beliefs. 

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