About Us

Pecan is a community development charity based in Peckham. We work with the local community to help people find a way through seemingly impossible barriers to a better future.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve seen thousands clients flourish through our programs, including: ex-offenders and their families, refugees and asylum seekers, young people and the long-term unemployed. We see our service users as people who need supporting – not problems which need solving.

We advocate for those we work with, challenging inequality and injustice at a local and national level to provide hope and belief in a better a future for our community.

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What we Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore futures and see an end to poverty in all its forms. We aim to achieve this through equipping people in our community both practically and emotionally to believe in their potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is transforming lives through kindness, belief, and hope.

Our Values

Pecan offers a breadth of interventions which comes together through working from our values of Kindness, Belief and Hope.

This is expressed through:


Embracing diversity and loving every person for who they are

Honestly building every person’s confidence in their own unique capability


Believing in the potential of each and every member of our diverse community

Persevering alongside people through every challenge


Starting, living, and ending every diverse and unique encounter in hope

These values underpin the culture of the charity. People can only progress when they feel safe to make mistakes. People must feel supported, not judged. Success should be defined by the richness of the journey, not the destination achieved.

Our Ethos

As an inclusive Christ centred organisation, Pecan seeks to treat all people with dignity, openness and respect, demonstrating Jesus’ grace and love in action.

Charitable Objectives