Our Impact

Pecan is part of a community working towards improving the lives of people in our local community. We work with many people across the community and below you will find reports based in areas of our work. 

We are committed to ensuring that we:

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Pecan 2021/2022 Impact Report

Pecan 2020/2021 Impact Report

Peckham Pantry Final Report 2022

Peckham Pantry Evaluation Report

Advance Report on London Women's Diversion

London Child Poverty Summit Report

People who use our service have said...

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the team at the Foodbank, on behalf of all our staff.  Busy social workers and other practitioners may not always be able to have the time to thank you personally, but your support is obviously not only vital in terms of the immediate support to families, but also has a massive benefit to Social Worker’s relationships with families, and to their ability to safeguard children.