Welcome to Pecan’s New Website

Pecan’s new website

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard in the background to improve our website and to bring our website a more modern, clean feel with a far better user experience and journey, that is more accessible to all our clients and supporters.

Why a new website now? 

You may wonder why, during a pandemic, we are choosing to develop a new website. The answer has a few parts:
  1. This was a long time coming: our website has been in need of a revamp for a little while now, and we’re finally getting around to completing it after delays caused by the pandemic.
  2. Improving our digital presence: The COVID-19 pandemic has really demonstrated how important it is for charities to have a good digital presence to showcase our services and provide easy and accessible information for the people we support to access our services. We’re learning from this and making the necessary improvements to continue serving our community as best we can.
  3. Accessibility needs: Our previous website no longer had up-to-date accessibility features that made it difficult to use and was not inclusive of all needs. We’re working to improve this and provide better accessibility.
  4. Using the time we have wisely: With improvements in website design, our previous website was taking longer than needed to update, edit and change. Freeing up this time for our team gives us more time to focus on other important aspects of our work and is a more effective use of the time we have.
  5. Communicating our work well: This is our shop front for supporters and we want to make sure that we are as transparent as possible so that people know what we are doing and how we are supporting our community, especially for funders and donors who financially support our work.


We worked with Qlic (formerly Premier Charity Solutions) to design and build a new website that best fits Pecan’s values and goals, while providing the best experience for our clients and supporters.
We designed a website with the following in mind:
  1. Accessible information for our clients
  2. Clear brand recognition
  3. Transparency

The look

We have created a look for the new website that is open and clearly communicates what we do. You’ll find pictures from our projects and feedback from people who’ve used our services. Each project page is designed to help people easily navigate to find the service they need quickly and easily.

We’ve stripped down our information to the essentials, making sure that everything you need is concise and to the point while pointing you in the best direction, with better mobile optimisation for our clients.

So what’s new?

You will find all of our projects still have their own page with up-to-date information about our services. Pecan offers a range of holistic support for our community and we want to make sure all of our services are clearly displayed and accessible.

Streamlined home page

We’re keeping things simple, our homepage will host important updates and news and a little bit about us to introduce us to new visitors.

Simple project pages

We’re keeping things down to earth. We don’t want to overwhelm people with words so we’re keeping things as simple and readable as possible with clear guidance and signposting to our services and locations.

Navigation bar

You can now navigate to each project page from any page on the website, without needing to use a drop-down menu.

Better Mobile optimisation

We recognise that many people access our services through their mobile phones and so wanted to make sure that we are catering to everyone’s needs, ensuring that

Employers Page

We have added a page for employers to connect with our Employment Support and find out how to work with us in providing sustainable employment for people in Southwark


We have added a campaigns page to shout about the campaigns we are a part of to improve the lives of local people in Southwark and in the UK.

Where your money goes

We have added a page on where your money goes, adding more information about our funding and what we use our income for, and how our supporter’s donations support our local community.

Impact reports

Our services have an impact on the local community. We want you to know what we’re doing and how it adds value to the local community. Here you can find reports on our work and what we’re doing every year.

A blog

We plan to keep this blog up to date with news from Pecan and our projects. This may be news from our monthly newsletter or call to action on a campaign we are a part of. We may just want to shout out about something amazing in our community. The world is our oyster.


Thanks so much for taking the time to see our new website and read a bit more about the journey!

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