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Members Newsletter | Issue 1

Making your money go further

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Welcome to the first edition our New Peckham Pantry Members Newsletter! 

Peckham Pantry is part of the Your Local Pantry Network of Pantries. It is a community-based membership food shop providing good, affordable and healthy food for everyone 

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Peckham Pantry, Peckham Park Road
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Visitors outside St. Luke's Pantry


Located at two sites in Peckham (see below for opening days and times) the Pantry is run by a small staff team and a brilliant team of ambassadors. We know how valuable our ambassadors are to the Pantry and we know that we would not be able to do what we do without their commitment, passion and care for their community.  

Shopping at the Pantry means your money will go further supplementing your weekly shop for £4.50 per visit members can get £15 or more worth of food.  

Peckham Pantry, 49-53 Peckham Park Road SE15 6TU
Opening times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am-4pm, Tuesday: 11am-4pm, Thursday: 10am- 7pm, Saturday: 9am-3pm and Sunday – Closed

St. Luke’s Church, Chandler Way SE15 6DT
Opening times: Wednesdays 11am-2pm

People often get us confused with a foodbank,
Pantries are not foodbanks, foodbanks are emergency food providers.

At the Pantry you will find items such as fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery products like bread and pastries, fresh and frozen meat and fish, yogurts and eggs, and we now regularly stock a range of diary and meat free options, (all items are subject to availability and change on a regular basis). Plus, there are always loads of freebies!!  We have partnerships with a number of food providers and supplier including Felix Project, City Harvest, Tropical Sun amongst others  –  we are grateful to all for the food we receive.

People often get us confused with a foodbank, Pantries are not foodbanks, foodbanks are emergency food providers – who do a good job supporting people experiencing a crisis with emergency food parcels. But Pantries are different, the way we operate we aim to offer dignity and choice. This is seen through the work we have done with our members setting up a steering group – asking for their input, also through the culturally and religiously appropriate foods that we provide including beans, pulses, rice, Caribbean and African seasonings, halal meat amongst other items. And when members visit the Pantry, they have the option to browse and choose the items that meet their needs and that of their family. 

Busy Times

The last couple of months have been busy for the Pantry, as we have welcomed a number of invited guests including Southwark News, The Coop, Alight Group and Swiss Radio. In June we also had our busiest day ever with over 131 member shops! Big Thank You to everyone who made that possible.  


Peckham Pantry along with other Pantries across the country have been asked to take part in a promotional film about Pantries. It’s a great way to raise awareness about the work Pantries do and we look forward to taking part. Look out for details in the Pantry reception area in the near future.    

We look forward to seeing you all at the Pantry soon and if you haven’t been for a while, why not pop down meet the team – we would love to welcome you.  

A bag of little gem letuce

And …

Look what you missed in JULY – loads of different types of salads … perfect for this time of year! 

The Pantry Team
and Head of Community Food Services  

An Amazing Recipe

A vegan dish with jackfruit







On Instagram, @nikaskkitchencic posted a fantastic recipe made with the  products from Peckham Pantry.

‘We made sauteed cabbage, red lentil dahl, basmati rice, lettuce and smoked jackfruit wraps’

Don't Forget ...

Specials offers and Freebies

When you do 8 shops and get your card stamped, the 9th shop is FREE!

Don’t forget that if you are a regular Pantry shopper, you will notice we have give aways of fresh salads packs, lettuce and various vegetables. Also, the Pantry Loyalty Scheme – when you do 8 shops and get your card stamped, the 9th shop is FREE! But remember you must bring your card at every visit, and stamps are not redeemable or transferable.


If you would like to become a Pantry Ambassador then contact us at:  
tel: 020 7277 7075.  

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