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Hello and welcome to Peckham Pantry’s April Newsletter!

For the next few months, our newsletter is going to feature some research findings from an independent report on the Pantry, carried out over two years from 2020 to 2022. This month we will focus on findings around the theme Connecting to the Community.

This April we will also be celebrating some of our wonderful ambassadors, and two new student volunteers who are joining the Pantry for a week.  

Scroll right to the end to find a healthy and delicious recipe you can make using Pantry ingredients! 

Finally, please consider donating to the pantry via the Bankuet QR code or link. The Pantry is able to provide affordable food shops for their members because of the kindness and generosity of volunteers and donors.

Thank you. 
Temi Okudiya  
Peckham Pantry Manager 

Connecting to the Community: Report Findings

‘Everyone’s so lovely, like the staff and stuff were always really helpful and lovely and asked lots of questions and made you feel really, really, really welcome.’ 

Pantry Member

The Pantry is increasing social connections and connecting members to the community. In the impact survey, 98% of respondents said that a sense of community was an important or very important reason why they joined the Pantry, with another 81% of respondents that said that ‘making friends with others in my local community’ was important or very important.

When looking at the impact on members, 73% members agreed they felt like a valued member of the Pantry, with another 62% that agreed that they felt more connected to their community. 

‘I really love coming to the Pantry, the staff are always welcoming, polite, patient, kind and a pleasure to talk with. Being a carer for my autistic son I don’t really get out much so my visits to the Pantry are more than just my weekly shop.’ 

– Pantry Member

Ambassador #1 of the Month: Betty

Betty has been a member of the Pantry since 2019 when it was initially launched at St Lukes. 

She was thrilled with what the Pantry is doing in her community, and she decided to join the team as a volunteer in 2021. 

Betty is an amazing volunteer and team member; you will notice her behind the till on Wednesdays at St Luke’s and on Saturday at our Peckham Park Road hub. She gives the Pantry about 25 hours weekly. 

She is also the brain behind our daily collection of food from M & S, she does this happily while contributing to her community. 

Ambassador #2 of the Month: Dena

Dena joined Peckham Pantry in May 2022. 

Dena gives 2 days a week to the Pantry, leading on our deliveries, serving our customers with her great sense of humour. She is a great team player and very caring. 

Dena is multi-skilled and we are glad she is giving the Pantry her best. 


Student Ambassadors on placement at the Pantry

Saar and Elin

We have two students from the Netherlands joining us as volunteers at the Pantry for week. 

Saar and Elin’s placement at the Pantry will contribute to their English International Baccalaureate. They chose to work with us at Peckham Pantry on the recommendation of our ambassador Dena

Tune in to next month’s newsletter to find out all about their experience here with us! 

Steering group meeting

Join Our New Peckham Pantry Steering Group

We’re excited to set up a new Peckham Pantry Steering Group. All members who want to be more involved with the pantry are welcome to join.

Would you like to have a say in how the pantry delivers its service and help us make decisions? Are you keen to share your ideas about how we approach the community element of our pantry? Then please come and join the steering group!

To join or for any questions, please speak to us at the pantry, or contact Pecan’s Community Engagement Officer Flora on 07929 999 006.

Peckham Pantry's April Recipe: Vegetarian Chilli

All the ingredients for this recipe can be found at the Pantry.


1 red onion, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 red pepper, sliced

2 teaspoons all-purpose seasoning  

400g tin of tomatoes  

400g tin of kidney beans 

Fresh parsley to serve, chopped


Heat the oil in a large pan. Add the onion and peppers. Cook for 4 mins, and then add in the garlic. Cook for another 4 mins until everything is softened. Add in the all-purpose seasoning and cook for 1 min. 


Tip in the beans and tomatoes, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins or until the chilli is thickened. Season and serve with rice and the fresh parsley, if you like. 

BBC Food - £1 Dinners

BBC Food’s budget recipes, costed across four supermarkets, are £1 a portion when used with their low-cost store cupboard. See individual recipes for pricing details.

Pantry Opening Times

49-53 Peckham Park Road, SE15 6TU

St Lukes Church, Chandler Way, SE15 6DT


If you would like to become a Pantry Ambassador then contact us at:  
tel: 020 7277 7075.  

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