COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Hourbank suspended all group meetings in March and are supporting members through wellbeing checks, phone calls and sending out wellbing packs. 

If you need any support, please email the team on

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In response to the Government advice on Coronavirus, HOurBank has currently suspended its activities, these include café meetings, individual and group exchanges and outings until further notice.  


At this critical time, we want to ensure that members are well supported especially those who are isolating at home.  Presently, we are providing well-being support by staff via phone and email, where members can get advice, be referred to other Pecan services, including Foodbank, Employment Support and Family Services or if necessary other agencies. 

In addition, we have started some groups via video call, these activities will give members the opportunity to interact with each other and share their time.  The meetings are hosted by the HOurBank’s Broker and the activities are usually, led by members.  

Please see link for further information here 


HOurBank’s current activities  

  • Well-being phone support to HOurBank’s members  

  • HOurBank’s Well-being Pack (1st edition April 2020)  

  • Paper Flower making (each Tuesday 11 am via Zoom) 

  • HOurBank’s discussion Group (each Thursday 3pm via Zoom) 


We will continue contact with members by phone, text, email and video calls, in addition to well-being packs.  There are still lots of ways to get involved with HOurBank,  including becoming a phone buddy, exercise partner or contributing to the wellbeing by sending in jokes, puzzles and poems or make suggestions for any  other exchanges you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Please help by sending us any features or information of interest that we can use in our well-being pack, you will receive time credits for each submission. 


Useful Information  

All key information regarding advice on Covid-19 can be found on the Government website and the NHS.

We hope that you stay safe and well by following the Government advice, if you need any further information relating to anything mentioned above.  

Please contact the HOurBank’s team on  



HOurBank gives people (and organisations or businesses) the chance to share skills and build community simply by helping one another. It’s a unique social group that runs on a simple time-banking system. Members of the HOurBank advertise their skills, hobbies and interests on a private, virtual noticeboard. From here, fellow members can ‘purchase’ these skills, offering their own unique abilities as payment.

Here’s an example: Paul, a technology-prodigy wants to spruce up his garden, but he doesn’t know the difference between a weed and a wisteria. So Paul helps Matilda advance her computer skills, and in return Matilda helps Paul with his garden. The HOurBank treats every member equally, and encourages each person to get involved in their community. The social group increases self-confidence and employability whilst enabling cultural interchange and active citizenship.

First Tuesday of the month 11am

Café CLOSED until further notice

activities During Covid-19

Tuesdays 3:30pm


Viewers Group via Zoom

Thursdays, 4:10pm


Art Discussion Group

via Zoom


Fridays 2pm-4pm


Café CLOSED until further notice




If you live in Southwark, or own a local business in the area, and want to share your skills (or products) with our community, all we need are 2 references and your attendance

at an introduction session.

Or, maybe you want to hear a bit more about HOurBank before signing up. That's okay too, you can call 020 7732 0007 during the week talk to one of our HOurBank brokers, or email



While HOurBank is a free service for its members, there are still staff and administration fees to pay.

If this project interests you and you want to support it. 


- Anyone living or working in Southwark can join

- One hour of work equals one time credit

- Each member gets their own account

- Members can put up their Requests and Offers anytime using the online noticeboard

- Exchanging at least monthly is recommended



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