Building community and transforming lives

A recent HOurBank member explains below just how much the group has improved his sense of wellbeing and overall quality of life.

“I was in terrible state before I started coming to the café. It was winter, but I didn’t have any clothes other than a t-shirt and a pair of tracks.

At the St Georges HOurBank café, they gave me something to eat and clothes. They helped me contact a housing project. I also got off the streets and went to a shelter over the winter period. Today, being at the café is my piece of normality away from the streets.”

The first step to re-building a future is addressing immediate needs but also encompassing social support within this process; this ensures that isolation doesn’t get the chance to escalate and create an additional barrier for the individual.

For the future, our member discussed plans to get a place of their own; they also found liaison with the Robes project very useful despite the high demand of homeless people in the city.

Want to find out more about our HOurbank programme and how to get involved? Check out our page

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