Simon’s marathon start to Foodbank

Simon Boxall started as Southwark Foodbank Manager at the beginning of December 2016. Since then he has coordinated our busiest time of the year; enabling over 80 families to have a wonderful Christmas meal, leading a large number of fundraising activities and took in over 7.5 tonnes of food! He is now preparing to run the London Marathon for Southwark Foodbank.

If you have the energy after reading how busy he has been since joining the team, then why not sponsor him! Southwark Foodbank is funded through donations both financially and through the giving of food. Then we can help to support people like Peter.

Peter came to this country in 1960’s with brothers and a sister. His parents were already living here. He continued his education in this country. After leaving school he joined the British army and served in Northern Ireland.

After the army he worked in the building trade for many years. He eventually settled down in London, married and had three children who are all still resident in this country and have families of their own.

He has done mainly manual jobs through his life, but developed diabetes and unfortunately now has the early stages of Parkinson’s. He separated from his wife many years ago and so now lives alone in council accommodation.

He has not been able to work for a few years and so has been on benefits. When he moved to the new unemployment benefit of Universal Credit he had to complete the Habitual Residency Test as he has lost his UK passport. Due to this situation he has not been in receipt of benefits and has no money.

At Southwark Foodbank we were able to provide him with a few days of food and gave him details of organisations who can hopefully help him in his current situation.

Please sponsor Simon so that he can support people like Peter by clicking here

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