Give the Gift of Hope

Give the Gift of Hope this Christmas

Our Christmas Appeal is live! This year, we are asking our community to come together and help local people who face crisis, financial strain, unemployment to give the gift of Hope and support our community work, giving hope of a better future to our clients and Give the Gift of Hope this Christmas

We have felt how the past year has been a strain on local people in Southwark. With the rising cost of living being an added burden to our community, the energy cap going up and the £20 cut to Universal Credit, many people are more vulnerable to going without heating or food, which should never be the case.

Pecan is dedicated to the holistic support of our local community and provides support to some of the most marginalized and vulnerable people in Southwark. In the spirit of giving Hope this festive season we are asking our community to support local and help those most in need in Southwark this Christmas.

All of our projects from the Southwark Foodbank to Women’s Services, Employment Support, HOurBank, and Peckham Pantry, rely on our community to support them and by donating to Pecan, you support each one of these projects and make a tangible difference in people’s lives.


Your donation will go towards impacting the live of people in Southwark, whether it’s:

1. Providing a food parcel through the Southwark Foodbank

2. Giving a woman advocacy support as she settles back into community or recovers from domestic abuse

3. Helping someone who is lonely make personal connection through our HOurBank Cafe

4. Provides someone with support into sustainable employment through our Employment Support Programs

5. Giving food to local people through the Peckham Pantry

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