Building community and transforming lives

Building community within local communities is at the heart of what Pecan strives for and our HOurBank team do just that.

A recent HOurBank member explains below just how much the group has improved his sense of wellbeing and overall quality of life.

"I was in terrible state before I started coming to the café. It was winter, but I didn’t have any clothes other than a t-shirt and a pair of tracks.

At the St Georges HOurBank café, they gave me something to eat and clothes. They helped me contact a housing project. I also got off the streets and went to a shelter over the winter period. Today, being at the café is my piece of normality away from the streets."

The first step to re-building a future is addressing immediate needs but also encompassing social support within this process; this ensures that isolation doesn't get the chance to escalate and create an additional barrier for the individual.

For the future, our member discussed plans to get a place of their own; they also found liaison with the Robes project very useful despite the high demand of homeless people in the city.

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