Donate – Christmas 2023

Give a Gift of Hope 

DONATE to Pecan this Christmas 

Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas with Pecan and Southwark Foodbank.  

This is going to be an especially hard Christmas for too many people. We are already seeing higher rates of hunger this year.  Help us to bring hope to families this winter. 

This year, Pecan and Southwark Foodbank for their Christmas campaign ‘Give a Gift of Hope. We will continue providing gift cards to 100 hundred families, and this year we will also be providing gift cards to single households as they make up to 60% of our clients. This will be alongside their special Christmas parcels with treats and small gifts. This is over and above the regular support we continue to offer at our centres. Demand for the foodbank has inevitably risen due to the cost-of-living crisis and now that winter has arrived. Your donations will go a long way to helping make Christmas that much more hopeful for people facing crisis and ongoing hardship.

Your kind donations and belief in people will also support families and individuals that access our other services. Each of our projects, from the Southwark Foodbank to Women’s Services, Together, Peckham Pantry and Employment, rely on our community to support them, and by donating to Pecan and Southwark Foodbank, you support each one of these projects 

Together we can Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas and continue to support the community into 2023 and beyond.


How Your Donation Helps: 

  • £15 could provide a food parcel this winter for people not able to eat this winter.
  • £20 could enable someone to benefit from a one-to-one employment preparation session. 
  • £30 could help a woman receive one-to-one support from one of our Advocates.
  • £50 could provide a  voucher for a family to make Christmas day special.
  • £50+ can help us support people to stay warm this winter in our community hub.


Donate to Pecan 

We trust Enthuse to handle the processing of our online payments. You will see their name mentioned on this form. 

Your donation will go towards impacting the lives of people in Southwark, whether it’s  

  1. Providing a food parcel through the Southwark Foodbank. 
  2. Giving a woman advocacy support as she settles back into community or recovers from domestic abuse. 
  3. Helping someone who is lonely make personal connections through our community activities. 
  4. Provides someone with support and warmth in our Community Hub. 
  5. Providing essential employment and life skills through our community workshops and courses. 
  6. Providing affordable, healthy food to local people through the Peckham Pantry. 

Information on regular donations, bank transfers and Gift Aid, visit:


If you would like a little more information about how our Christian ethos affects our work, you can find it here.

If you still have some questions, than don’t hesitate to contact us with the box below.


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Investors in People
19 years continuous recognition.
We currently hold a Silver accreditation.

The 2017 report states:
“100% of people feel appreciated for the work that they do at Pecan. It is a very positive environment in which to work and there is much praise from leaders, managers and colleagues.”

10 years continuous accreditation. The most recent report (2018) states:

“An enduring strength of Pecan is the professional, client focused and empathetic team displaying an exceptional commitment to local people and supporting clients to
progress and achieve their full potential.”

APS (Approved Provider Status)
First achieved by our Moving On project in August 2015. The report states:

“Using a person-centred approach mentors were able to motivate mentees and to provide effective support with an impressive range of daily living issues… The Moving On mentors and management team are clearly very committed in their support of the mentees. Moreover, the project is well embedded in PECAN’s wider community services, such as the careers and employment support, the Foodbank and HOurBank that can also benefit the mentees.”