If you have a general problem with the size of text on our website you can increase the text size in the following ways:

Change Operating System Preferences


This section is a guide to helping you change settings in your operating system to make your overall computer/device experience more comfortable. This has the advantage of not only making your browser easier to use, but your system and other applications too.

Windows 7
Select Windows Icon/Start > Control Panel > Display.
A. Select from Medium or Larger to increase the font and icon size across your browser and other applications.
B. Select Adjust resolution from the left column. Then select a Low resolution until everything on the screen seems large enough.
C. Select Set custom text size (DPI) from left column and select a custom DPI setting.

Windows 8
Select Windows Icon/Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization and then Adjust screen resolution.
Select from Medium or Larger to increase the font and icon size across your browser and other applications and select Apply.

Mac OS X
Select Apple > System Preferences Under Hardware > Displays and then the Display tab.
Choose a lower resolution (if available) until everything on the screen seems large enough. Please note that LCD monitors tend to blur when you change the screen resolution.

Apple iOS
Select Settings > General Accessibility. To the right of Large Text select Off to enable a screen of available font sizes (select whichever font size appears more comfortable to you). This can be switched back to Off at any time.

Choosing larger text can make reading on the iPhone and iPad so much more comfortable if you are struggling with the default settings.


Change Browser Preferences

This section has been put together to help you change the way website pages appear in your web browser, to make your experience easier and more comfortable. Changing these settings can save time particularly where a website does not offer any on-page options such as font sizes.

Mozilla Firefox 20
Select Tools > Options and then the Content tab. Under Fonts & Colors you can select the font, size and color. The Advanced button provides access to options like monospace and minimum font size.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Select Tools > Internet Options > General Appearance then select Accessibility and check ‘Ignore font sizes specified on webpages‘ and/or other settings you wish to ignore, to apply your own font settings.

Safari 5
Select Preferences and then Appearances. Select ‘Never use font sizes smaller than’ and choose desired font size.

Google Chrome
Select Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings and then go to Languages.