What is Moving On

The Moving On programme offers up to 12 one-to-one coaching sessions, which are client led, trauma informed and gender specific. These are provided by professional, trained coaches to young female ex-offenders resettling in London. The programme operates across London, with women both in prison and in the community.

Moving On was established by Pecan in 2012 for women who are serving or have served a custodial sentence. The programme empowers these women to achieve independence and long term resettlement into the community. In August 2015 the project was awarded the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation’s Approved Provider Standard (APS) which is a highly desired quality assurance mark within the industry.

Our resettlement coaching offers: a regular coffee or working lunch to help resettlement into a new environment; non-judgemental guidance and advice to help set and achieve goals; encouragement to make good choices and decisions towards a positive future; someone to talk to when you need support, and encouragement in the journey toward independence and sustainable employment.

A Resettlement Coach’s Story

Hear the journey of a Moving On client as told by a coach. To respect the people involved, the name of our client has been changed.

“I first met Odelle in HMP Holloway where I did her initial assessment interview. Although she was still some way from release, it was clear she was motivated and eager for personal growth. We agreed to meet regularly, and discus the following questions:

Where has she come from?

It was important for Odelle to share and reflect on her story so far. Together, we mapped out the significant moments of her life to date on a timeline. This gave Odelle an opportunity to speak about her family experience and challenges.

What is she holding?

We did some exercises to look at what Odelle’s strengths are, through which she developed a more positive, honest image of herself.

Where is she going?

Odelle and I worked together to set some goals for her present and future.

How is she feeling?

We constantly asked this question, and it was a pleasure to hear Odelle say how much she valued the work we had done together. Likewise, it was a privilege to watch her confidence grow, and her expectations for a positive future increase.

I have since found out from Resettlement at HMP Holloway that Odelle was released on electronic tag to approved premises, and has secured and maintained a job.

For more information about Moving On email the team at movingon@pecan.org.uk.

The Moving On team